SENTINEL: Digital Security and privacy for citizens and Small and Medium Enterprises and Micro Enterprises (Horizon 2020)

Θέση: Expert

Διάρκεια: Ιούνιος 2021-Μάιος 2024

Φορείς Υλοποίησης: Κέντρο Ευρωπαϊκού Συνταγματικού Δικαίου, LIST (LU), ITML (GR), The SHELL company (BE), IDIR (IE), INTRASOFT (LU), Sphynx Technology Solutions (CH), AEGIS (DE), Technical University Chania (TUC / TSI) (GR), Airbus (FR)

Φορέας Χρηματοδότησης: Horizon 2020

Αντικείμενο: SENTINEL proposes a novel “one-stop shop” approach to integrated and obtainable privacy and personal data protection compliance for SMEs/MEs and bridges the security and personal data protection gap for European SMEs/MEs, by raising awareness and boosting their capabilities in the domain through innovation, at a cost-effective level.